Unmute Relationship & Regain Control

Unmute Relationship & Regain Control

Unmute Relationship & Regain Control

In this episode Ivy.i covers the aspect of unmuting relationship & regaining control, by reconnecting with families, businesses, and communities by trusting one another with the power of storytelling and mapping out our emotions so we can profit and heal communities, businesses, and families by default with the power of communication.

How to communicate:

By practising the act of being mindful in business & relationships, be kind, polite and playful but communicate your feelings along the way with clarity and precision.

Practice the act of Communication, steps & tips 

  1. Speak slowly (means that we allow the other person to express themselves, slowing the reaction and response)
  2. Begin slowly (granting access to you and information)
  3. Listen to yourself (body, mind, soul, and intuition and sensorial access to self and information given in an environment)
  4. Listen to others (what they are saying and not saying)
  5. Practice silence as a part of speech (there is power in pause and silence)
  6. Be brief (long enough to cover the subject but long enough to create interest, just like a woman’s skirt)
  7. Be aware of body language (due to cultural navigation antics, some people are animated, others not, avoid the misconception of a trait)
  8. Practice the act of sharing space (giving another person the space to convey their own though and contribution to the conversation or dialogue, not self-dominating that can be passive as egocentric and obnoxious.)

Ivy Barreto (Ivy.i )- is mostly known as a (Business Relationship Architect)

Ivy.i is a Developer, Certified International Coach, Emotional Geographer, Speaker, and Strategist Consultant. A community-driven individual who believes that “your life is like building a dream home”, a member of the Association of Black Coaches and Founder of Hugs Consultancy, a Relationship Healing and Business Accountability Hub, with the mission to empower women and communities through coaching and healing pain for transformational empowerment.

Links & Resources
Website: www.hugsconsultancy.com
Website: www.gettopreneur.com
Website: www.commonsocietyissues.com
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