Turning a Side Hustle Into a Business

Turning a Side Hustle Into a Business

Over the course of the pandemic, many people started picking up new hobbies or making things themselves at home and realised that there was demand for what they were making or doing and money to be made from it. Whether that was baking delicious cakes, learning a language or instrument that you can now teach to others or anything else. But as the pandemic is coming to a close and people are starting to return to work, some of us are considering whether we could turn our side hustle into a full-blown business. Often, this could definitely work well. Here are a few steps you could take to achieve this goal.

Create a Brand

Many of us start out selling to friends and family under our own name. But if you want to make an actual professional-looking business, you’re going to have to come up with a brand. This is how others will recognise your products and it can help to build brand loyalty and give you more of a professional feel. Branding can be difficult because it entails so many elements. You need a brand name, a logo, a colour scheme and a general aesthetic. There are others out there who can help you with this though – from copywriters to graphic designers and more.

Register Your Business

You should also make sure to register your business. Registering with Companies House will make your business legitimate and will allow others to look you up – whether that’s clients, partners or customers. It will also help on a personal and financial level, as registering your business will separate your personal finances and assets from your business’ finances and assets. If your business fails, you won’t lose your personal finances and assets in the process.

Secure a Business Address

Once your business is registered, you should secure a business address. Chances are, you don’t want to hire a whole office or other commercial space to operate from. Working from home is much cheaper when you start out. Instead, get a virtual address. This will provide you with an address to give to partners and customers and mail will be redirected to you. This makes you look the real deal and also protects your privacy.

Start Marketing

Next, you need to start marketing your products or services. This is what will get your company name out there, let people know what you sell and, ultimately, generate profits. You could have the best offerings in the world, but if nobody knows they exist, you’re not going to sell much. Generally, startups are best off outsourcing this work and leaving it in the hands of professionals. Take a look at tonimarino.co.uk for a good example. You should consider everything from SEO to PPC, email marketing, physical marketing and more.

Provide a Good Customer Experience

Building brand loyalty is important from the get-go. Make sure to provide good customer experience every single time you interact with any customers or potential customers. You can learn more about this here.

Hopefully, some of the suggestions above should help you to transform your side hustle into a full-blown business!

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