Turn Your Blog Into a Startup Business

Turn Your Blog Into a Startup Business

We are often told that it’s difficult to make money from blogging, but there are more opportunities than ever before to turn your blog into a viable online business. The key to success is to focus your efforts on multiple income streams for your blog and to frame it as a business instead of a passion project.

Affiliate Marketing 

The most straightforward way to turn your blog into a startup business is through affiliate marketing. This is a business model that’s been around for hundreds of years but has found its groove with the Internet. It involves using your blog to market third party products and services.

You will need to have a sufficient number of followers to be accepted by an affiliate program, but if you meet the criteria you can start earning passive income right away. Search for affiliate programs in your niche and reach out to them with an offer.


The Internet is an advertising machine in many ways it’s how most businesses and brands profit. This has always been the case but it’s even more successful in the digital world. Grab a slice of the pie and turn your blog into a startup with advertising.

First, decide what levels of space you want to share on your website then contact Google Adsense or a similar online advertising agency. Again, you will have to fulfil certain criteria to qualify, but if you do it is another checkbox you can tick.


After you’ve been blogging for a while in your niche you should have a strong understanding of the topics you cover. You repeat the same subjects so often that you have no alternative but to go deeper with them. This knowledge has a monetary value.

Take some time to compile your ideas and turn them into a comprehensive ebook. An ebook about restaurant tablecloths will not only be a source of direct income, it will also be a potential marketing tool. You can use it to reach out to other bloggers and help drive traffic. This supports your other income streams.


Like ebooks, podcasts are an effective revenue stream and marketing tool. You can advertise on your podcasts and bring in revenue, but you can also drive traffic, add value to your blog and disseminate the content in other areas.

The Internet is changing and so is content. It’s no longer enough to rely solely on the written word, you need to also bring in video and interactive content. Running a podcast is one way to add a new dimension to your blog and generate content that will enhance its value.


To turn your blog into a business you need to take advantage of all the income streams listed above. It is not just about creating quality SEO content. One further option you have is to offer your knowledge in the form of services that assist people to follow your same path and avoid the pitfalls.

You can create an online course for this and publish it on Udemy. This is a great way to generate active and passive income. Another option is to offer your service as a consultant or mentor. This can be offered one-to-one or in group sessions.

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