Top Tips For Creating A Healthy Workplace For Your Employees

Top Tips For Creating A Healthy Workplace For Your Employees

Creating a healthy workplace environment is essential for ensuring your employees are happy, and productivity levels stay high. The most common thing that motivates and influencers your employees is their happiness so, providing a clean, positive working environment ensures that you’re helping them to be as productive and efficient as they can be. It can be surprising how much a workplace environment can affect your businesses overall performance, so it’s key to make sure this is one of your priorities. It not only helps with sales and employees motivation it can also help you to reduce costs and staff turnover.

What Exactly Is A Healthy Workplace Environment?

When thinking about health, most people’s thoughts will focus on the medical side however you should also be looking at the overall workplace and even the surroundings. There are three key areas to focus on when creating a healthy environment for your employees these include:

  • Workplace culture- Every company is going to have a different workplace culture that will determine it’s valued and it creates an overall standard that its employees follow. When you successfully create a positive, healthy and happy work environment that is being practised by your employees and yourself you will find that the workplace you’re providing is naturally healthier and flows well. This is because it is little for people to get upset or unhappy about. Having a great company culture can help to keep productivity up and help to retain the best, happy workers as happy employees tend to more loyal and stay with you for the long haul.
  • The Environment And Health And Safety- To be able to provide a healthy work environment, which means you need to think about the physical environment that you’re providing. Whether it’s the workshop, factory floor, storage area, office or home office set up, it’s important to consider the environment you’re providing and the health and safety involved. Safe and valued employees are happier and healthier. Simply providing the security of areas such as basic health and safety training, internet security and risk assessments can help to make your employees feel valued and cared for. At the end of the day, nobody wants to work in an unsafe environment that they are worried about on a daily basis.
  • Health And Lifestyle- If you look after your employees they will look after you. It has been proven that employees who feel like they’re looked after are more loyal and focused in their workplace. Your employees are your best asset, so this means you should be looking after them as a priority. Putting the effort into your employee’s wellbeing can help to encourage increased productivity, increased employee retention, reduced sick leave, reduced workplace accidents and promote better teamwork and who wouldn’t want that? You can help your employees to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle and to reduce any unhealthy and/or life-threatening habits that they may have. Try offering a reduced gym package or promote activities that encourage a healthy lifestyle. A healthy employee is a happy employee.

Easy Ways You Can Create A Great Workplace Environment 

It’s no secret that a healthy, happy and well looked after employee is a productive employee so you should make sure you focus on achieving this whenever possible. It’s been proved that people who enjoy their jobs, find their workplace to be pleasant and the work to be engaging is more loyal, productive and healthy. It’s in the best interests of your business to make sure you are providing a great workplace environment otherwise it could start to affect the quality of work produced, you could lose qualified staff, and you could create a negative atmosphere that demotivates your staff. Some of the ways that you can create a positive work environment include:

  • Appeal To All Personalities– It’s important to try and engage with each different personality within your office. Every business will have a combination of characters, and what works to motivate each employee is going to be different, not all employees respond to the same and may not necessarily find certain approaches helpful. You should make the effort to get to know your employees and find out what approach is best for them. Not only will you get a better response from them you will find that they’re left feeling more valued and appreciate your efforts.
  • Be Positive About Wellness-  As a business owner it’s in your interests to think about and care about the wellness of your employees, This means that it is also important to promote it and be positive about it.  You can encourage the health and wellness of your employees by providing incentives such as reduced rates for the gym, holding an exercise class once a week and allowing them time to attend or getting involved in government schemes such as cycling to work. This not only encourages a healthy lifestyle for your team but also allows them the opportunity to get to know their workmates and build good team foundations.
  • Healthy Eating- Encouraging healthy eating doesn’t mean that you’re asking your team to lose weight, promoting strict diets or restricting their options when it comes to food. It’s all about promoting a healthy lifestyle and providing the educational facts behind the benefits of doing so. Healthy eating is known to increase productivity, energy levels, lift moods and improve your health, so it’s definitely an area you should be concerned about as a business owner. It’s important to make sure you’re allowing enough time for your employees to have a proper break and sourced food that’s going to fuel them for the days work. Make sure you are providing an area that is clean and well equipped with essentials items such as cutlery, a microwave and a kettle. You could also think about providing a healthy lunch once a week or introduce fruit bowls for the teams.
  • Clean And Comfortable Office– It goes without saying that working in a clean and comfortable office is going to be better for your employees than working somewhere that is messy, cluttered and not looked after. The state of an office can have a huge effect on the mood and productivity of your employees. Even if your office does not get sunlight, isn’t the newest building or the largest you should try to make an effort to provide a relaxing atmosphere including comfy furniture, correct working equipment and think about things such as plants and natural lighting.
  • Colour and Decor White walls and bland cubicles can have a negative effect on mood and productivity. So consider some ways in which colour can be added to the office. Putting up peelable wall stickers, motivational posters, or cool tech signs are some ways to change up bland walls. You could also allow employees to bring in decorations for their desks and cubicles. Just remember not to go overboard with furnishing the office as too many decorations can become distracting.
  • Offer Incentives- Part of creating a healthy workplace means keeping your employees happy, a great way to do this is to offer incentives. Whether it’s discounts on products, a great pension scheme or the opportunity to build up more holidays offering something in reward for hard work pays off. Have a look here for 25 Employee Incentive Programs That Actually Work.
  • Treat Everyone As Equals- Regardless of an employees position within a company they should all be dealt with in the same way. If a supervisor is constantly late or is missing deadlines then it should be taken just as seriously as it would be if you were dealing with an apprentice or new starter. If any policies change every employee should be told about it and has the right to treat the same.

Creating a healthy work environment doesn’t have to be hard work or time-consuming. A healthy work environment not only improves productivity but reduces costs related to employee turnover.

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