Top 3 Time Sucks In Your Business

Top 3 Time Sucks In Your Business

When you run your own business you are going to be dedicating a lot of your time to it. However, there is also going to be times when you may find yourself distracted and spending less time that you wanted on it.

Time sucks are not only irritating, but they can also have a detrimental effect on your business too. There are plenty of time sucks out there that can have an impact on your business, but there are 3 main ones that seem to cause a problem.

Social Media

Whilst social media is great for personal and business use, it is also one of the biggest time sucks out there. Social media can be one of the easiest ways to distract yourself from a task that you have to do. Particularly if that task is boring or not something you want to spend time on. After all, isn’t it far more interesting to look at your friend’s holiday pictures or funny videos of a cat?

Before you know it, you have lost half an hour and you are behind on what you wanted to do. The trick here is to limit yourself to when you go on social media. Don’t have notifications on your phone or your laptop and focus on the task in hand. Those photos and videos will still be there when you are finished.


We all like to think that we are experts in multi-tasking, after all, we are parents, aren’t we? However, multi-tasking can end up sucking your time dry rather than being helpful. You may think that getting lots of things done at once is ideal for finishing things off around the home, but in truth, you may end up spreading yourself too thinly and finding that tasks which shouldn’t have taken long, instead take much longer.

Instead of trying to multi-task, it may make sense to focus on one particular task that you need to do. Once that one is done, you can move onto the next one and so on and so forth.

Not sticking to your boundaries

One of the most important things when it comes to being a parent and running a business is having boundaries. Separating your family time and your business time means that those two parts of your life get the attention that they deserve. Not sticking to your boundaries can also mean that you spend some of your business time focused on your family issues, which can drain that vital time and leave you short.

Instead, keep things separate and you will be able to dedicate enough time to both.

So, there you have it, the top three things to try and avoid doing when you are running your own business. They seem obvious, but they are also things that plenty of us forget to do, or do too much.

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