The key to managing money as a single parent

The key to managing money as a single parent

The key to managing money as single parents is to have a money plan. A money plan is essentially knowing the income coming to a household and telling it where to go. The expenses can be tracked in 4 main categories: savings, needs, wants and debt. The final part of a money plan is to have financial goals written down with details, including what, cost, and dates. In addition to having a money plan, it is important to have and stick to boundaries around our plan as well as knowing our support team.

I am Malikah Greene, a Financial Freedom Guide who empowers single ladies with money management skills necessary to build healthy financial habits in order to ditch debt and build wealth. I am an alumna of NC A&T SU, where I received my B.S. in Chemical Engineering. When I’m not helping others, I can be found spending time with my baby boy, dancing or travelling.

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