The benefits of setting better goals

The benefits of setting better goals

If you are running your own business and juggling this with bringing up children and family life, you will not be alone in having days where you feel a bit like you are standing in quicksand while the world floats past your head. Parent entrepreneurs have a unique life that means they can often spend more time with their children than if they had to go off to the office every day, but they can also feel like the business will never thrive because there are just not enough hours in the day. This is where the benefits of setting better goals come in.

Goals Bring Focus

When you are setting goals, you are effectively making a list of what is essential and stating your intention of getting these things to reality. So set goals for both work and home in order to create that fantastic balance you have read that parentpreneurs can have. Be sure to think through the goals so that you make them realistic and achievable and be clear in what you are setting about doing.

Goals Bring Decision Making

If you have defined a better set of goals that are well thought out and robust, they also act as a decision-making tool. Knowing where you are going and what you want to achieve means that when unexpected situations and opportunities arise you will be in a strong place to know instantly if you’re going to move forward with them or shelve them. It will be easy to see if they fit into your goal-oriented plan or if they are going to take you off on a distracting tangent that means your original targets will not be met.

Goals Offer Direction

While we may not want to consider a final destination having goals helps move you through the phases of life and makes it easier to plan for the future. Some working parents actually prefer to have long, long-term goals as this offers them a focus and helps them stay on track. Whether it is home ownership, a specific retirement date or just the knowledge that you have created a strong business that can support your family, goals give you the direction you need to stay on track.

Goals Provide Balance

When you are working and looking after children, it can be easy to flounder and never entirely be sure whether you supposed to be having a parent day or an entrepreneur day. Having clearly defined goals that are better than a vague list of things that might be nice helps you find balance. You will be more readily able to see what needs doing and how you can get the home work-life harmony you are looking for. It makes planning for events with the children more manageable, and you can schedule appointments, paediatrician visits and more around your goals and account for this downtime more effectively. By using goal setting, you should feel less like you are sinking and more like you are flying high.

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