The 4 Tools You Must Have To Run Your Business Remotely

The 4 Tools You Must Have To Run Your Business Remotely

Until the Coronavirus pandemic, the idea of running your business remotely was an after-thought. You liked the freedom it provided, as well as the flexibility and independence, yet you preferred to keep employees in-house. After all, it suits most leaders’ management styles – it’s easy to communicate and inspire confidence in-person.

Of course, in times of a crisis, you don’t have any choice. If you want to survive, you must adapt and operate differently, and currently, this means managing your team virtually. While it’s tough, it’s not impossible to be successful as long as you invest in the correct tools.

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Managed IT Services

Working remotely during a crisis is similar to running a website – it can’t go offline. Once you experience downtime, you’ll lose your ability to lead and ensure your employees are productive. Not to point the finger at your staff, but it’s easy to slack off when you realise that your boss can’t keep tabs on your workload. The likes of Innovated IT offer popular solutions, yet you might not believe that you require an outsourcing service. You do, especially if you don’t have any expertise or experience in the sector. Even something as simple as integrating common software programs is challenging.

Video-Calling Programs

One of the reasons that video-calling programs are critical to remote-based companies is the fact that they maintain morale. This Forbes post points out that 87% of remote workers feel they are connected to their employers through video conferencing, which is a significant figure. Of course, choosing which software to implement isn’t a walk in the park. The key, regardless of whether you opt for Zoom or Microsoft Teams, is to train your employees. If you wing it and attempt to figure out the software over time, it’ll only lead to unnecessary glitches.

The Right Workers

Sadly, some people are going to lose their jobs because a global health and economic crisis isn’t without casualties. As tempting as it is to sack or make redundant the people who will save the most money via their salaries, you should take the opportunity to remove the employees who aren’t the perfect fit. You’re going to require workers with the right attitudes that are ready to pitch-in and sacrifice for the cause. Anyone who isn’t prepared to lend a hand isn’t going to make working virtually straightforward. You can analyse their personality traits with this Inc list.

A Can-do Attitude

Things are going to be tough for the foreseeable future. Nobody says it will be easy; however, you shouldn’t let this get you down. Just because processes and procedures don’t work to begin with doesn’t mean they won’t become smoother and less hassle in the future. You have to work hard and attempt to gauge the features and properties that make life worse. That way, you can eliminate them and (hopefully) see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Keep your head up as there will be issues, but you will surmount them with time.

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