Single Parent Entrepreneur Series

When it comes to starting and running a business and raising a family you are going to need to have a tough shell. This is particularly true if you are a parent entrepreneur who is going it alone. 

To be a single parent is hard enough, but add running a business into the mix and you are going to find that you need resilience and determination to make yourself a success.

Here at Parents in Biz, we understand that one of the best ways to motivate yourself when you are trying to balance a family and a business is to hear the stories of others in a similar situation to yours.

With this in mind, we created our single parent entrepreneur series. Not only are these people inspiring business owners in their own right, but knowing that they are doing it alone is truly inspirational.

The thing that you will soon realise with this series is that these people have not had it easy. They have faced divorce, domestic violence, a lack of a support network, bereavement and debt. However, it seems that they have come out of the others side and have realised that every moment, no matter how hard it may have felt at the time, has made them determined individuals.

The series covers a wide range of aspects for each of the parents featured, it includes:

  • Details of their family and business.
  • How they got started and their journey.
  • The challenges along the way.
  • Fears they have had.
  • How they balance their family and their business.
  • How they manage to also take time for themselves, for their love life or social life.
  • Their plans for the future.

So who will we be looking at during the course of the series?

Ali Golds

Ali is a single parent of 3 children. Alongside successfully raising her children she was also named as one of the top 20 extraordinary women of 2017 by The Independent. 

Ali is a growth coach, an author, and a speaker, someone who is determined to make sure that women achieve their personal and their business goals.

Arianna Steigman

As a single parent of 2, who had found her office job was not only dull but also wasn’t heading anywhere, Arianna decided it was time to set up her business, Clutterbug. 

She realised that she had a flair for “nesting” and creating beautiful spaces in her home and that this was something that other people could benefit from.

Jasneth Richards

If it wasn’t enough for Jasneth to be a single parent to 5 children, she also decided that it was a good idea to set up her own business too. However, for her, she wanted to not only make herself a success but also ensure that others around the world benefited too. 

She set up Desire to Inspire Mums, where mothers are brought together to uplift and heal themselves. As well as running monthly and yearly retreats and arranging bi-weekly prayers, Jasneth is also an author.

Liz Ward

Being a single parent to her wonderful adopted daughter is not the only focus on Liz’s life. She also is the director of Virtuoso Legal, an award-winning intellectual property specialist.


Covering the healthcare and technology sectors, Liz advises a number of clients in commercialising their IP assets and has developed her business to be seen as a gold standard in IP audits.

Faye Smith

The founder of Keep your Fork Marketing and PR, Faye, a single parent, has been named one of the top ten trainers in the UK by the professional body APCTC. If this wasn’t enough of an accolade, only 4 years ago she also was named the Yorkshire Women in Business, Best Home Based Business Award and a finalist in the Guardian Small Business Innovation Award. 

This becomes all the more impressive when you consider that alongside running her successful business, Faye has also had to deal with the death of her husband and the death of her daughter too.

Silvana Lanzetta

A single parent to two children, Silvana is a food Writer. She also is an artisan pasta maker, which means that she is best placed to teach others how to make pasta from scratch and by hand. Silvana is proof that you can still manage and run a business with little to no support network.

As you can see, we are covering some inspirational parents from different backgrounds all of which are inspiring in their own right. Why not take a browse through the stories we are sure you will be encouraged to keep going, even when it feels like there is no hope!