#PIB76 Productivity & Outsourcing with Rob Rawson

Productivity & Outsourcing with Rob Rawson

Rob Rawson originally trained as a Medical Doctor he is from Sydney Australia. Rob has built his successful venture with remote teams and has years of experience managing virtual teams.

Rob is the founder of Time Doctor is time management software for employees that track time and activities. It sends daily reports to managers of current tasks and the time log for the previous day. This software also tracks websites visited and applications used. It is designed specifically for remote working teams to ensure that employees are working and track the hours worked.

Rob is also one of the organisers of the running remote conference.

In this episode you’ll find out about:

  • Details about Time Doctor
  • Productivity tips
  • Time tracking advice for outsourcing
  • The books he recommends and the value he got from it
  • Information on the running remote conference

Links mentioned:

Time Doctor 
Getting Things Done by David Allen
Time Doctor Twitter 

Running Remote Conference

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