Parents in Business Magazine Issue 3


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Being a parent is hard and running a business is hard. Combining the two can be a truly demanding experience, and it can often feel like there aren’t enough resources out there that can help you navigate through the unique challenges that a parent running a business lifestyle can bring.

Parents in Business Magazine has been created to help you overcome these challenges. We bring you the very best resources, guidance from industry experts and inspirational stories from real life parentpreneurs, all to support you on your journey to success.

In this issue:

  • What are money blocks and how do they impact your business?
  • 10 Tips for beginners on using Pinterest
  • Get your business are ready for making tax digital
  • SPECIAL FEATURE 7 Parents share their money tips
  • Business banking
  • The importance of insurance in business
  • Managing your small business finance
  • 5 Top tips to boss your fitness and nutrition today and beyond
  • INTERVIEWS Sam Farmer Founder of SamFarmer, Emete Friddle owner of Friddle’s Cakes and Hetty Rackham Freelance Marketing Consultant

And so much more…

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Welcome to the third issue of the Parents in Business magazine. Money makes the world go round, well, that is what they say, but in reality, it can be the bane of life and the biggest worry we face as business owners and parents so this issues has a money theme.

On page 14 we have a special feature where 7 parents share their parent money tip. You’ll find useful information with the turn of each page.

We have interviews from three parents Sam Farmer, the founder of SamFarmer, Emete Friddle, the owner of Friddle’s cakes and Hetty Rackham a freelance marketing consultant. Three parents with different businesses and at various stages of the business journey. They also share their parent money tips.