Prioritizing intimacy

Prioritizing intimacy

In this episode, Azaria speaks about how we can use the power of intimacy in our relationships to connect deeper to feeling alive, magnetic, and radiant in all other areas of our lives. Having a business and being a parent can be challenging, which also puts intimacy at the bottom of our priority list. What would it feel like to ask yourself one simple question to show up towards intimacy in a whole new way? What if intimacy didn’t have to be tedious and could create a feeling validated and heard in just 5 min? Azaria shares 1 practical way to implement this into your life and bust a couple of myths that society has wrong about intimacy and relationships.

Azaria Menezes, aka The Pussy Fairy, is a trauma-informed Sex and Intimacy coach that works with women, moms, and couples to figure out what that thing is that’s holding them back in the bedroom. She supports people to find back to feeling turned on, ecstatic and orgasmic in and out of the bedroom. Azaria supports her clients to re-ignite that spark back into their sexuality or relationships so that they have the capacity to fall more in love with themselves and/or each other. She also hosts the podcast: Getting Intimate where she brings practical ways to invite more pleasure into your body, relationships, and sex life

She’s been featured in Cosmopolitan multiple times, Thriveglobal, Mindbodygreen, Kinkly, University of British Columbia,  Giddy, etc.

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