Prioritising Packaging When It Comes to Pleasing Your Customers

Prioritising Packaging When It Comes to Pleasing Your Customers

Setting up a small business is a major feat. You have to fill a gap in the market, providing customers with something they want or need that will generate sales and help make you a whole lot of money. It’s not all too surprising then that a whole lot of time, effort and thought goes into product development, market research, manufacturing, advertising, marketing campaigns and more. Some areas that are actually pretty important can often slip under the radar. One of these areas that is relatively neglected is the packaging. When you have your product ready and raring to go, you’re going to have to package it to get it out to your customers. Put plenty of thought into this process. It can help with branding. It can portray brand values. It can catch people’s eyes, and it can actually serve as good marketing in and of itself! Here are a few areas of packaging to focus on!

Keep It Environmentally Friendly

Increasing numbers of people are understanding just how much we’re damaging the planet. We’re ruining it for ourselves, as well as all of the other creatures that inhabit it. Commerce has a profoundly detrimental impact on the environment, so it’s important that you do your part and make sure that your packaging is eco friendly. Generally speaking, most packaging has a temporary purpose and will be disposed of. Once customers have purchased a product, they will generally unwrap it and throw the packaging away. This is why it’s so important that you choose recyclable or (preferably) biodegradable materials. Make sure that labelled gives clear instructions on how people can dispose of the packaging responsibly.

Make Sure It Protects Your Products

When choosing packaging, remember its main purpose – to house and protect your products so that they reach your customers in perfect condition. So, make sure that your packaging achieves this. Different options are great from different products. Some products will be best boxed. Some will be great in a flat bottom pouch. Whatever you opt for, simply make sure that it protects the products inside from scratches, marks, dust, or contamination.

Make Sure It’s Branded

Once you’ve got the basics under wrap (no pun intended), you can start focusing on the fun parts – branding your packaging. This is a great opportunity to imprint your brand on customers’ minds. Make sure all packages are branded. Have your brand name, logo, colours and anything else brand associated wherever possible. If your packaging looks particularly nice, people will like to take photos with it and share the images with their friends and others – whether that’s via text or on social media. This is free advertising and marketing that you should aim to take advantage of!

Sure, packaging might not be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to improving your business. But it can really help to generate profits, build brand loyalty and imprint your brand onto customers’ minds. So, never underestimate it. Hopefully, the above information will help you to get your packaging on point the first time around.

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