#PIB89 Share your journey: Yemi King

Yemi King Photographer & Freelance Creative

Yemi King is the Founder of Yemi King Photography. She specialises in photography to boost confidence when not behind the camera Yemi is also a freelance creative. Yemi writes and design for herself and others she has a blog, and she contributes to a luxury magazine. Yemi is a mum of 3 which she says has been an interesting journey. She has worked very hard to keep a nice balance between providing, nurturing and also self-love. Yemi says it has been a challenging lesson, but one that she knows will pay off!

In this episode you’ll find out about:

  • Details about Yemi’s business and the creative work she does
  • Details about Yemi’s family
  • Yemi talks about her freelance journey
  • Yemi talks about fears and challenges she has had during her journey.
  • You’ll hear how Yemi set boundaries for business and family life.
  • Yemi talks about the positive influence her dad had in her life
  • Yemi talks about who inspires her
  • Yemi gives advice to parents who are starting up a business
  • Yemi talks about what success looks like for her
  • Yemi tells us about her what her future plans look like

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