#PIB78 Share your journey: John Lamerton

Share your journey: John Lamerton

John helps small business owners think bigger, work less and design their business around the lifestyle they want.

John Lamerton is just an average bloke who has gone from being an unhealthy civil servant to living the dream. He tells stories from when he was a clock watcher, working in a stressful work environment, to leaving his career to experience doing business the wrong way with hustle and grind, to his breakthrough moment soon after the birth of his first child.  He now lives the dream life, working” 20-25 hours a week in his business allows him the flexibility to live the life he desires, contributing significantly to raising his two young children and being more present with the family than most fathers can only wish for.

 In this episode you’ll find out about:

  • Details about John’s business and family
  • How he created a lifestyle business
  • Fears he has had along the way and how he overcame them
  • John discusses the stress he experienced when he was employed
  • The challenges he has faced
  • How he creates harmony between business and family
  • John gives insight into his work and home routine
  • John talks about his book Big Ideas for small business
  • Advice for parents who are looking to start a business
  • Tips and information on things he has learned on his journey

Links mentioned:

Big Idea Website
Big Idea Book 
Big Idea YouTube
John Linkedin 
Big ideas for small businesses Facebook group
Book Rich Dad Poor Dad

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