#PIB69 Share your journey single parent series W/Faye Smith

Share your journey single parent series W/Faye Smith

Our guest on this episode and as part of the single parent series is Faye Smith she’s a single parent and the founder of Keep your Fork Marketing and PR.  Faye was recently named one of the country’s top ten trainers at UK trainers’ professional body APCTC and Student Employer of the Year three years running at Sheffield Hallam University.  In December 2014 Faye won both the Yorkshire Women in Business best home-based business award and was a finalist in the Guardian Small Business Innovation Award, bringing Keep Your Fork a total of fifteen national and regional awards.

Faye’s has had a challenging journey and not only had to deal with the death of her husband but also the death of her daughter.

In this episode you’ll find out about:

  • Detail about her family and her business
  • The challenges she faced when her husband died
  • The challenges she faced when her daughter died
  • She discusses her children’s mental health
  • The value of her business support network
  • 8 weeks solo traveling around Australia which transformed my business by transforming my outlook and health.
  • Finding love and relationships
  • Her faith and future plans

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