#PIB68 Share your journey single parent series W/Liz Ward

Share your journey single parent series W/ Liz Ward

Our guest on this episode and as part of the single parent series is Liz Ward a single mother of one she is the founder of Virtuoso Legal, the award-winning intellectual property specialists. Establishing the boutique firm after seeing intangible assets sorely neglected in the field – Virtuoso Legal has now championed consummate IP counsel for a decade.

Whether it is: patent litigation, infringement defenses, managing trademark portfolios (or more); Virtuoso has an impeccable track record in IP – helping clients (big and small) with services tailored to suit their particular needs.

At the heart of it all, Liz is the figurehead; and her scientific background and no-nonsense outlook sets the gold standard for a firm that is as precise as it is passionate about IP.

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In this episode you’ll find out about:

  • Detail about her family and why she adopted an older child
  • Details on Virtuoso Legal
  • Fears and challenges she faced
  • How long she’s been a single parent and how she manages.
  • The value of her support network
  • The importance of listening and teaching children about finance
  • Liz shares advice for parents
  • Future plans

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