#PIB67 Share your journey single parent series W/Jasneth Richards

Share your journey single parent series W/Jasneth Richards

Our guest on this episode and as part of the single parent series is Jasneth Richards. A single mother of 5 children; 3 girls and 2 boys. She’s the founder of Desire to Inspire Mums Ministry which brings mums together to encourage, uplift and bring healing through the word. They meet monthly and do yearly retreats and bi-weekly prayer calls. Jasneth is the author of The 10 Factor Mum the book, she says, is a guide for single mothers. Even with all that going on, she’s a student studying sociology in university. In this episode, she’ll give us an overview of how she handles a big family, what she does in her free time and how she’s able to do it, as well as advice based on what she’s gathered along her journey.

In this episode you’ll find out about:

  • Detail about her family
  • Details on Desire to Inspire Mums Ministry.
  • How she started Desire to inspire mums and ultimately writing a book.
  • How long she’s been a single parent and how she manages.
  • Fears and challenges she’s had along the way.
  • Jasneth shares a wealth of knowledge and advice for parents
  • How she schedules in time for self-care
  • Future plans

 Links mentioned:

Desire to inspire Mums website 

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