#PIB65 Share your journey single parent series W/Ali Golds

Share your journey single parent series W/Ali Golds

This week, we’re running a single parent entrepreneurship series of which this is the first episode. Be prepared to get great advice on how to take care of your family while simultaneously growing your business. You’ll get to hear from single parents that are in different stages of their business journey and those with children of different ages.

Our first guest is Ali Golds, a single mum of 3 wonderful children. Ali was named as the independent top 20 extraordinary women of 2017. She’s a growth coach, speaker, and author who helps women achieve their personal goals as well as in their businesses. She has worked with start-ups as well as multimillion pound companies, she advises awarding bodies, and leads educational-based organization on enterprise and entrepreneurship. Her specialty is in coaching female founders, leaning more on the single mums and women who’ve experienced domestic abuse, and the main goal she has for them, really, is to achieve economic independence.

Ali Golds is the founder and CEO of the Juno project. Juno project is a charity that supports vulnerable girls aged 14 to 16 to achieve their career and personal goals. As an author, her book, How to Be Your Own Boss as a Single Mum, was a best seller in 2014. She also just recently published an E-book named 18 Ways to Make More Money in Your Business Starting Today. Her new book project which will be out next year is titled Today, Stopped Running.

In this episode you’ll find out about: 

  • Details about Ali’s business and family.
  • How she got started in business.
  • The hard journey of starting a business as a single mum of a 7-year-old.
  • Fears she had along the way.
  • The challenges she faced when starting the business working from home.
  • Managing to prioritize family and business.
  • Details about the Juno project.
  • Her current dating life and her thoughts on relationships.
  • How she got into the dating scene after her first marriage.
  • Tons of advice for parents willing to start a business.
  • How to outsource for your business.
  • Her future personal and business plans.
  • Details on her new book, Today, Stopped Running.

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How To Be Your Own Boss As a Single Mum 

The Juno Project 

Be inspired Parents in Biz 

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