#PIB64 Share your journey: Alex Hirst & Lizzie Penny

#PIB64 Share your journey: Alex Hirst & Lizzie Penny

Having been colleagues and friends for many years, Alex and Lizzie founded The Hoxby Collective with a shared belief that talented people can be trusted to work completely flexibly – wherever, whenever and however they want. They believe that this trust can enable the Hoxby community to fit their work around their lives and in return, act as the most talented and motivated workforce in the world.

Both parents (Alex is a hands-on dad to one daughter, and Lizzie has three under 5s) they set up The Hoxby Collective together four years ago; a ‘virtual’ agency which allows its community of freelancers to work at any time of day and from any geographical location (at Hoxby this is called ‘workstyle’) Obviously, this way of working is a huge perk for parents and Hoxby now boasts over 400 associates in 29 countries – and is on target for £1million turnover.

In this episode you’ll find out about:

  • Details about Lizzie’s family.
  • Details about Alex’s family
  • How and why they founded the Hoxby collective
  • What the Hoxby collective is.
  • Alex and Lizzie discuss their work styles.
  • The process of being part of the Hoxby collective.
  • Details on challenges they faced during their journey.
  • Benefits of outsourcing.
  • Advice for parents who are starting a business
  • Future business plans.

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