#PIB63 Love & Dating with Veronica Grant

Love & Dating with Veronica Grant

Veronica is a Love-Life Coach for smart, successful women who feel like they have it all except love, find it. She believes finding real love isn’t about a great profile, a snazzy text, or pleasing men. It’s about stepping into the fullest, most authentic, empowered version of yourself, even in a world where it feels like the cards are stacked against you.

Through her binge-worthy podcast, free challenges, and coaching, she’s here to shake up how you find love, even in our swipe right, swipe left world.

A few of her guilty pleasures (a must-have for recovering perfectionists!) include binge watching HGTV, hiking with her husband and pup, and sushi everything.

Meet Veronica and get ready to finally throw out everything you’ve ever learned about love and relationships through her popular Date Yourself Challenge.

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