#PIB53 Share your journey: Jen O’Deay

#PIB53 Share your journey: Jen O’Deay

Jen O’Deay is a writer and owner of Feel These Words writing services. She helps business owners through growth stages by delivering the written elements of the sales funnel needed for growth: content and copywriting (opt-in copy, sales pages, content strategy, and content, etc). She specializes in helping clients see themselves and their businesses more clearly while better defining their messaging.

Jen is also a wife and Parentpreneur who is blessed to be busy raising her 12-year-old daughter and 8-year-old twins, daughter, and son, as well as assisting her stepchildren who are now nearly 24 and 22 (but were only 4 and 2 when she became their stepparent, many moons ago). Jen has long-written about Parenting in her blog, JEN’S ZEN, and will soon help Parentpreneurs and business owners through entrepreneurial growth stages and writing in: The FTW Blog. #ftwmeansfeelthesewords

Links mentioned in this episode:

Feel These Words Website: Writing that connects.

Feel These Words Instagram

Feel These Words Facebook: and by signing up to receive The FTW Blog at Feel These Words for Parentpreneurs seeking growth.

Parents in Biz Be Inspired:

For Parentpreneurs seeking growth:

Black Coffee Studio: Branding. Shannon Larkins is experienced and brilliant and offers various all-in-one affordable packages for new startups alongside her lux options.

Need web design or help?

Emery-Creative: Creative Wayfinders, worth a look-see

Nourished Design: Mel specializes in Squarespace web design and branding strategy; she’s no-nonsense and talented.

Designmancy: Heather is “Your WordPress Wizard” and is an expert in all-things-Wordpress. She teaches how-tos, and she’s especially keen on back-end development, coding, repair, and maintenance.

RKA INK: Branding, marketing and business strategy, and custom websites that prompt action are Rachael’s wheelhouse. She hosts a show on Facebook called “Awkward Marketing” that is full of helpful information presented in a fun manner.

Looking for entrepreneurial groups to grow with?

Free: Marketing in Yoga Pants (FB: associated with JAM Marketing Group: the owner of both, Brit Kolo, offers fantastic content and solid marketing advice.

If you dare: This group costs, and swears. But if that’s your cup of tea, this affiliate link will allow you to try out this savvy group of female entrepreneurs for only $1 for one month: 

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