#PIB46 Inner Success vs. Outward Success with Paula Haubrich

#PIB46 Inner Success vs. Outward Success with Paula Haubrich

Paula Haubrich is a Leadership Coach, Facilitator and Speaker, and Owner of Lead Your Way Coaching. She supports owners and senior leaders in small businesses lead themselves, their people and their business to success by being great communicators and empowering leaders.  She is passionate about seeing individuals and teams reach their full potential, and has made this the focus of her career and life.

When she’s not working away at her business, she’s enjoying the simple joys of walking her 6 year old son Bennett to school, watching 4 month old Maria roll around on the floor, or at the hockey rink with the whole family that includes her fiancé Chris. She loves music, culture, and sports of all kinds, and has used her knowledge, experience and talents in volunteer roles for many national and international sporting events, sports teams, and non-profit organizations.

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