#PIB28 Share your journey: Brenda Gabriel

Share your journey: Brenda Gabriel

Brenda Gabriel is a UK based publicity and business strategist for Gen-X game changers who challenge the status quo and want to make a huge impact in the world. Brenda helps clients leverage traditional and digital media to gain publicity, reach a wider audience and become the industry go-to enabling them to make their difference in the world.

Brenda combines her experience as a consultant, business strategist and project manager for the civil service, with PR and social media marketing expertise to help clients get results.

Employing the strategies used to build her own business from scratch from whilst a stay at home mum of three Brenda works with clients to get the exposure needed for them to increase their authority and explode their business.

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Facebook group: Biz Gamechanger Mastermind


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Danielle Hewlett-Boyle My Locker World


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