#PIB16 Share your journey: Rhiannon Abbott

#PIB16 Share your journey with Rhiannon Abbott

Rhiannon Abbott married mother of one shares her journey, after leaving her job in 2012, Rhiannon decided to try something truly different and signed up for a Bread Angels micro bakery course. Whilst doing the course she not only learnt about baking bread but also how to set up her own micro bakery (small-scale production) from home. Rhiannon was bitten by the baking bug, she established The Epsom Bakehouse in early 2013 and built a loyal following selling delicious fresh bread at the Epsom Farmers Market.

Today, she passes on her skills through a range of bread making courses. She teaches hands-on techniques as well as the importance of fresh bread made from simple ingredients. She started the classes because she really enjoyed teaching, Rhiannon teaches a two-day course for those considering setting up their own bread micro bakery from home – as well as bread baking, covers the basics of establishing and marketing a business from home.

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