Optimising systems for sustainable growth

Optimising systems for sustainable growth

Is the back end of your business a hot mess?

Or are you OPTIMISING SYSTEMS for sustainable growth

Diana Lidstone, marketing & business growth strategist, shares her story about how she went from being an overwhelmed business owner & parent to being an overjoyed, profitable business leader!

Her tips include:
• How to set your non-negotiables
• How as a business owner, if you want to reclaim time and run an efficient business, you need systems, automation and a support team.
• 8 suggested ‘systems’ for building sustainable growth

Here’s what she means:

A system contains
Processes – the what
The step by step sequence of activities
This might be an SOP or a checklist

Tools – the where
The specific software, apps or products used
These might include an email software such as MailerLite

People – the who
The individuals or roles accountable for each step of the process
This might include a bookkeeper or a virtual assistant.

Strategies – the how & why
The tactics, tips or techniques you use to achieve the target outcome
This might be how all these systems work together to achieve your definition of success.

Diana shares her recommendations for 4 essential systems you need to keep your business running like a well oiled machine, plus 4 others you might consider … all depending on your specific business!

What can you optimise in your business so you can #worklessearnmore?
Diana Lidstone, Biz GROW Master

After three decades in business and working globally with coaches, consultants, and other service-based experts, Diana Lidstone has gathered rock-solid wisdom and advice that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and professionals accelerate growth and explode profits. Her work embodies #worklessearnmore!

As the creator of the Grow-meter and The Marketing Proficiency Effect, and as best-selling author of Shift into Rich: Navigate the 9 Roadblocks to Small Business Success, Diana’s signature GROW Equation transforms frazzled, overworked business owners into profitable, overjoyed CEOs. Her new podcast, The GROW Equation Business Podcast, contains tips, strategies & interviews to help you grow your profits, your free time and your joy!

Diana and her husband love boating in the Thousand Islands, Canada. She is often found walking her dog and drinking champagne (not at the same time)!

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