Free Mentoring Programme

Guidance. Support. Experience.

Are you a parent with a vision for a new business?

Perhaps you’ve already started building your dream, but you’ve become a bit stuck. Maybe you’re struggling to manage your time and get things done – the kids come first, after-all, and there are only so many hours in a day.

Running a business whilst raising a family can be difficult. It’s certainly not the norm for your average, rushed-off-your-feet parent.
But you’re not average, are you?

You’re not ‘the norm’.

Because no matter how tired you are when the day is done, and the kids are all tucked up, safe in bed, you’ve got a dream that’s keeping you up.

You just need a little guidance to get you there.

My name is Bridget, and I’m the founder of parents in biz.

I’m a mother of five, with two handsome boys and three gorgeous girls.

I started my first business over ten years ago, and I understand, first hand, the pains that we, as parents, go through, from starting up a business, to scaling a business.

My free mentoring programme has been created to help you overcome these challenges.

I’m going to help you manage your time, breakthrough those barriers that have been holding you back, and put you in front of the very best, unique resources that are totally specific to your business, your market and your needs.

I never had much support back when I started my first business.

Information was sparse, and courses were expensive.

But like you, I had a burning desire to succeed, and would never give up.

And now, I’ve decided to offer parentpreneurs the support that I didn’t have, because I know just how much a little guidance can make a huge difference.

My 100% Free Mentoring Programme Will Help You;

  • Pursue your parentpreneur dreams
  • Build your business, step-by-step
  • Learn the relevant skills for your market
  • Break through barriers, and achieve your goals

And you won’t pay a single penny

Just Tell Me YOU’RE IN, and my 100% free mentoring programme will help you;

  • Plan your thriving business, step-by-step
  • Master your time, no matter how little
  • Get unique skills for your business
  • Breakthrough your own unique barriers
  • Gain the skills and confidence you need to run a successful business whilst caring for your family.

Having Bridget as my mentor has been so valuable she helped me bring my vision to life. Bridget kept me focused after each session I was motivated and acted on the targets we set out.

Helen Harford

I have known Bridget professionally for around 10 years Bridget is organised, positive and inspiring. She is passionate about the work that she does with families. She has a genuine interest in the progress her clients make.

Meeta Patel