How to make sure that your kids are safe on the internet

How to make sure that your kids are safe on the internet

The internet is a wonderful thing. It has opened up the world and brings people from the four corners of the globe together. Our children simply do not know what life was like before you could simply Google a question.

Whilst this is a great thing, the internet is not without its drawbacks. The virtual world can be dangerous for our children, and you hear plenty of stories in the news about how it has caused some rather shocking repercussions.

This means that plenty of us parents are wary of allowing our children to access the internet. Well, thankfully, there are ways that you can make sure that your children can still see the wonder of the world wide web, without having to worry about whether or not they are safe.

Here are our top tips on how to make sure that your kids are safe whilst they use the internet.

Understand what is out there

You can’t teach your children how to stay safe without understanding what your children will see when they are online. Take the time to explore the internet, either alone or alongside your child. Find out what websites they visit, what videos they watch, and you can learn more about how they behave whilst they are alone.

Talk to them about how to be safe

Children are not stupid, however, sometimes they simply need a push towards doing the right thing. No-one knows them better than you. So, take a moment to sit down and talk to them honestly about the dangers of the internet.

You don’t have to be particularly graphic or horrifying in what you say, but it is important to point out that things may not be what they seem, and it is down to them to be aware of that. Teach them that it is key never to divulge any personal information, and that picture sharing should only be with friends, and of images that they are comfortable with.

Set parental controls

There are plenty of ways that your web browser can work with you to set controls on what your kids can see. Make sure that you take the time out to discover the ways that you can restrict access to particular content.

You should also try and have your computer in a place that is visible to you. Such as in a shared room, that way, you can always keep an eye on what your kids are looking at!

Let them know that you are there

Sometimes kids may feel that they cannot talk to their parents, this is a sure fire way to cause problems. Why not teach them that you are there for them, no matter what the issue is? By creating an open and honest atmosphere with your children, especially around their internet use, you can be sure that they will come to you if they do find themselves in a bad situation.

The internet is a great place, but it can be dangerous. Find the ways that you can keep them safe and they can enjoy the virtual world, without finding themselves in any bad situations.

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