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You’ve done the hard part - you’ve set up your business! Whether you’re a startup or you’ve been established for a while, you now need to jump the next hurdle - creating a strong and effective promotion that will continually grow your customer/client base.

The Parents in Business Directory is here to help you! Featuring your business with us will boost your visibility levels. We will ensure that your business, and more importantly, what you offer, is seen by the RIGHT people.

Why us? 

  • We understand that your time is limited. Not only are you someone who runs their own business, but you’re also a parent. Listing your business in our directory frees up your time to spend it doing what you love, whether that be extra work on the business or time with your family.
  • Listing your business on the Parents in Business Directory is as cost-effective as it is time-saving. For one low monthly cost or an annual fee, we will continually feature your business and make it visible to the potential customers and clients who matter.
  • Your business listing is in safe hands we have of experience supporting and helping parent business owner’s start and grow their business through practical support and advice. We make ourselves aware of your unique brand, and use our directory to highlight to clients what makes you unique.


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Effective and flexible here are the benefits 

  • Business visibility guide on how to get exposure for your business
  • Full business listing which includes business bio, and descriptions of business products/services
  • Display up to 10 product images
  • Link to your website 
  • Links to your social media
  • Appear in up to 5 business categories
  • SEO benefits such as increased Google ranking
  • Quarterly business visibility guides 
  • We actively promote & share your products/services

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Save 25% by paying yearly. Plus additional benefits 

  • All the benefits of the essential plan with added extras below
  • Featured business spot on our home page
  • Featured business banner on the directory page
  • 10% off discount to join the Parents in Biz Community Hub 
  • 10% off discount advertising in the Parents in Business Magazine
  • Share your business journey in our be inspired section
  • If your product/service are relevant to the topic we are covering you will be mentioned in blog posts and YouTube videos

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