Job Skill Shortage: BioCoders

Job Skill Shortage: BioCoders

Companies like SynBio.INFO are making it their mission to build an army of BioCoders due to a distinct lack of skills in the area of BioTech. The company is focused on the design and construction of new biological elements, including whole organisms, cells, genetic circuits, and enzymes. This innovative field is where technology meets biology.

The only trouble is that there are not enough people who are developing the skills necessary to work in this area, which is why the company has adopted a strategy to change this. Job description examples differ when it comes to BioCoders. BioCoding is all about the language of life!

BioCoders are few in number in the present day and age. This means that they tend to be snapped up by the big companies, which means the start-ups and academic labs that really need them are unable to get their hands on the necessary talent. This is causing a real problem and a lack of efficiency and innovation for these companies who need the required tools to speed up their work processes.

The issue is that there are those that have the necessary skills to be a biologist, and then there are exceptional software engineers, but there are very few people that have bridged the gap. Cross-training is difficult, as the two disciplines are quite removed from one and other, and there is no common language between the two. Most biologists do not understand how to build the tools that are required to help themselves. On the other hand, the majority of software engineers cannot comprehend the issues faced by biologists. Plus, with no plan to create a workforce to bridge the skills gap by any organisation or state, the outlook seems rather bleak.

Some companies have made it their responsibility to come up with a plan for the creation of a training programme for people to learn about becoming a BioCoder. The sole aim of this training would be to create a group of adept software experts that have the ability to generate premium quality software with ease to help biologists expedite their work both in and out of the lab. The SynBio.INFO proposal aims to help people in the tech sector achieve a fulfilling biotechnology career while benefiting the biotech field as a whole by ensuring tools are developed that will expedite the design, build, and test cycle. If that was not enough, it will also lead to indirect value for individual laboratories and companies, as they will be able to recruit the professionals they need to advance their business. Moreover, it will certainly lead to the creation of new businesses, labs, and testing centres.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is something that will be beneficial to all segments of the life sciences. If a workforce is competent in both modern software engineering practices while also knowledgeable in biology, they will ensure that complicated workflows are simplified and problems are broken apart.

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