Share your journey: Victoria Kearns

Victoria Kearns is the co-owner of Kearns & Meiring Medical Herbalist that she founded with her husband Pieter Meiring they have 3 children aged 15,8 and 6.

Victoria is a Western Medical Herbalist and Arvigo® Therapy practitioner. This makes her one of a handful of therapist in the UK able to bring together herbal medicine with specialist abdominal massage techniques to support optimal reproductive and digestive health. Victoria works with men and women, boys and girls at all stages of their development. Victoria holds two BSc (honours) degrees in Herbal Medicine (1:1) and Psychology (2:1), and an advanced professional qualification in the Arvigo® techniques of Maya abdominal therapy. Victoria is a fully insured healthcare professional with Balens Ltd.

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"Don’t expect it all to come at once. Have faith that if it’s a good idea and good product the business will come to you ". ~ Victoria Kearns

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Victoria spent her 20s & 30s running busy marketing & PR teams in London theatres. After having her first child (aged 30) her health took a turn for the worse and conventional medicine couldn’t help. On the advice of a friend she visited a Medical Herbalist, wondering what they could possibly offer that her GP and consultant couldn’t. The experience transformed her health, happiness and her understanding of medicine, inspiring her to help other people reclaim their health and wellbeing, the natural way.

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