Share your journey: Stephen Geran

Stephen Geran lives with his wife Steph and two children in Weymouth Dorset. They started their first business together after being told that they had a low probability of being able to have children. 

After getting the bad news, they decided to throw their energy into a lifelong project. Steph has ridden horses since she was 6 and gone on to become an instructor as well as studying a degree in Equine science and managing several top yards in Gloucester and the New Forest. It just so happened that the yard Steph learned to ride at, came up for sale just after reassessing what they would do with their life.

"Take time out for yourself to reset and recharge." ~ Stephen Geran

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Their home was sold and used as a deposit for the business loan required to purchase the equestrian property. Now technically homeless, they faced the challenge of getting planning permission approved to build a house in a World Heritage site! But why not have a challenge when it’s just the two of you right?

Fate hadn’t finished with them yet as only three weeks after completing the purchase of the equestrian property, Steph found out she was pregnant. Despite giving birth in a stable being good enough for someone pretty famous, Steph wasn’t so keen. 

"Drinking from the hydrate of knowledge." ~ Stephen Geran

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Planning permission was approved for a mobile home just four weeks before their son was born. In between running an equestrian business, having a second child (the doctors were thankfully wrong!) and getting planning approved then building a house, Stephen was also working in the Chemicals Industry.

Share your journey: Stephen Geran

Once the house was built, and the family complete Stephen decided to start another business. He translated his love for good design into an online Scandinavian lifestyle e-commerce business. It was while running this business that he realised he had been facing the same problems for years. While working, running businesses, having children, building houses and all the other grown-up trimmings, the day to day admin involved with running a home always stressed. Always challenging to keep on top of. And always cripplingly expensive.

He could never keep on top of the renewals, the reminders, the switching. Stephen felt like he was always having to triage property admin, not efficiently keep on top of it. He knew he was throwing money down the drain with bad tariffs and the like, but found it hard to find the time to do anything different. That’s when he decided to try and change that.

“Be bold but humble.”~ Stephen Geran

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It was then that he thought about how the property industry had migrated to the web, but our homes, the one thing that connects it all, were left disconnected in the real world; thus making the management of our homes disjointed. Stephen designed a platform that represents your home on the web and HOMIBLE was born.

Kids and businesses still offer up the same challenges, the same ups, and downs, but at least now managing their home is much more straightforward.