Sara Bussandri left her job as a Business Analyst in 2016 to pursue a career as a freelance writer and indie author. A mum of three boys based in London, Sara writes mainly about self-help, self-development, and mindfulness and is passionate about helping mums cope with stress and overwhelm. Her writing has appeared on several websites and digital publications, including the Huffington Post UK and She runs the popular blog

Sara has just released her first book: Recovering from your broken tibia: A practical guide to healing from intramedullary nail surgery, from one patient to another.

"Take imperfect action rather than procrastination” - Sara Bussandri

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In this interview you’ll hear:

  • Details about her family and background.
  • Fears she currently faces and how she is trying to overcome them.
  • Her thoughts on criticism.
  • Details on what topics she writes about.
  • Challenges she has faced and how she went about learning and educating herself.
  • How she manages business and family time.
  • How she makes use of her productive peaks.
  • The elements of her business that she outsources.
  • Advice to fellow parentpreneurs.
  • Tips for fellow parentpreneurs.
  • Future plans such as writing a book.