Nina Khoo Personal Development Coach for Highly Sensitive Women

Who’d expect that a daughter having tantrums over seams in her socks would lead to a life-transforming discovery!

This is how Nina Khoo discovered she & her daughter were part of the 15-20% of the population who share the naturally occurring temperament trait of High Sensitivity. Discovering she was Highly Sensitive was like finally finding the right user-manual to her life, & it explained why her daughter was sometimes really bothered by things like scratchy labels & seams in her socks.

Nina is now passionate about raising awareness of the Highly Sensitive Trait. She coaches Highly Sensitive Women to be strong & inspiring role models for their children through her unique program ‘The A, B, C of High Sensitivity’.

“Progress not perfection.” – Nina Khoo

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In this interview you’ll hear:

  • Details about Nina’s coaching business.
  • Details about Nina’s family
  • Nina talks about her journey in becoming a personal development coach for highly sensitive women.
  • Nina talks about fears and challenges she has had during her journey.
  • You’ll hear how Nina manages running a business and family life.
  • Nina talks about who inspires her.
  • Nina gives advice to parents who are starting up a business.
  • Nina talks about what success looks like for her.
  • Nina tells us about her what her future plans look like.

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