#PIB80 Share your journey: Ngozi Weller

Ngozi Weller is a married mum of two, with a fun but often frantic life. Ngozi states that she loves life and loves people. She loves getting to know their stories, where they’ve come from and where they’re headed. Two years ago her life was completely different. She was working in a steady corporate job, trying to win the rat-race. From the outside her life seemed great a good job, loving family, busy social life. But inside she was falling apart the crunch came in the form of a breakdown. She was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and I eventually started Aurora as a way to help other women to learn to be happy and live their best lives.

“Don’t fear failure see it as a learning opportunity, if you can learn from the things that have gone wrong it’s not wasted opportunity.” – Ngozi Weller

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“Failure to plan is planning to fail.” – Ngozi Weller

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In this interview you’ll hear:

  • Details about Ngozi’s business and family.
  • How he got started with Aurora Wellness.
  • What they do at Aurora Wellness and details about the wonder woman project.
  • Fears she has had along the way after leaving her corporate job to starting a business and how she overcame them.
  • Ngozi talks about how she overcame imposter syndrome.
  • Ngozi talks about the breakdown she had a year and a half ago.
  • How she creates harmony between business and family.
  • What she outsources and advice about outsourcing.
  • Advice for parents who are looking to start a business.
  • Tips and advice on things she has learned on her journey.
  • Future plans.