Share your journey with Miranda Gregory

Miranda and her husband run GPS Return a recruitment a company specialising in helping parents return to work. Not only do they help parents find their ideal, family-friendly job, but they also have a career mentoring solution which helps parents work out what it is they want to do and work on their mindset and any confidence issues, as well as practical guidance such as CV updates and interview skills. Miranda and her husband have 2 children aged 3 and 5.

“Know exactly who your perfect client is because you can’t be everything to everyone.” – Miranda Gregory

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In this interview you’ll hear:

  • Details about Miranda’s business that she runs with her husband.
  • Details about Miranda’s family.
  • Miranda talks about her entrepreneurial journey.
  • Miranda talks about fears and challenges she has had during her journey.
  • You’ll hear how Miranda and her husband set boundaries for business and family life.
  • Miranda talks about who inspires her.
  • Miranda talks about what success looks like for her.
  • Miranda tells us about her what her future plans look like.

“Have clear goal in mind not just daily goals but weekly goals, monthly goals and yearly goals.” – Miranda Gregory

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