Liz is principle of Virtuoso Legal, the award-winning intellectual property specialists. Establishing the boutique firm after seeing intangible assets sorely neglected in the field – Virtuoso Legal has now championed consummate IP counsel for a decade.

Whether it is: patent litigation, infringement defences, managing trade mark portfolios (or more); Virtuoso has an impeccable track record in IP - helping clients (big and small) with services tailored to suit their particular needs.

At the heart of it all, Liz is the figurehead; and her scientific background and no-nonsense outlook sets the gold standard for a firm that is as precise as it is passionate about IP.

An industry ranked ‘Leader in her Field’ for the past 10 years; Liz has over 20 years’ experience advising on a wide range of matters in the field of intellectual property. She has built up an enviable reputation due to her exceptional ability as a knowledgeable litigator, and has been especially praised for her commercial awareness.

An expert in the healthcare and technology sectors, Liz has advised all manner of clients in commercialising their IP assets, and her practice has set the gold standard in carrying out company IP audits. Her previous experience working for two highly respected international law firms, coupled with her 1st degree in Genetics and Cell Biology and 10 years healthcare business experience, give her unrivalled legal insight in any matters concerning complex scientific and technological detail.

“Teach your children about finances, teach them about where money comes from” - Liz Ward

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In this interview you’ll hear:

  • Detail about her family and why she adopted an older child.
  • Details about Virtuoso Legal.
  • Fears and challenges she faced.
  • How long she’s been a single parent and how she manages.
  • About her support network.
  • The importance of listening and teaching children about finance.
  • Liz shares advice for fellow parents.
  • Future plans.

“Always listen to your children it’s important and we don’t do it enough in our society switch your phone off switch the TV off and let them switch of theirs.” - Liz Ward

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