Joy Harris

Joy Harris is the author of the book Singing Ain't Enough. In 2015 she started Green Grass Marriage, which has now expanded to Green Grass empowerment groups, helping hundreds of people improve themselves and their relationships through experiential events. She is a contributor to the blog Married and Young, and author of the upcoming book Flip Our Money.

“If you have an idea don’t wait for everything to be perfect and aligned. Go ahead and start and test it out in the world.”~ Joy Harris 

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Joy is married with 2 children determined to redefine what it takes to be successful, Joy set out to prove wrong all the "expert" advice about entrepreneurship that called for sacrificing everything you valued. As a result, she created Alltrepreneur, a lifestyle brand dedicated to providing content, events, and a voice for entrepreneurs with families who have big dreams and are determined to achieve them, their way.

Advice to a fellow parent wanting to start a business: First to start and then to start small