There’s no better way to celebrate and embrace our diversity than through the giving of greeting cards.

Special Touch Designs is an Afrocentric greeting card company. Georgina Fihosy, the creative behind the brand designs vibrant, bold and beautiful greeting cards for all occasions and seasons. When you couple black silhouette designs with colourful African print fabric you get a unique and contemporary Special Touch Designs card. Each card is individually hand finished and no two cards are the same.

Georgina is a Mother of 3, a wife and works full time within the Pharmaceutical Industry and believes that giving a card on any occasion is about spreading love and drawing a smile, but giving a Special Touch Design card does just that plus so much more. It gives you a glimpse of the fusion of West African and western cultures and promotes the beauty of Africa in a modern and contemporary way.

Special Touch Designs greeting cards are available to buy at

“Do something that’s going to take you out of your comfort zone” – Georgina Fihosy

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In this interview you’ll hear:

  • Details about Georgina’s work, business and family.
  • How he got started with special touch designs.
  • Fears she has had along the way.
  • The challenges she faces and her support network
  • How she creates harmony between work, business family.
  • Georgina gives insight into her routine and how she plans.
  • Her self-care routine.
  • Why she enjoys running a business.
  • What elements of her business she outsources and plans to outsource.
  • Advice for fellow parents in business.
  • Tips and advice on things she has learned on her journey.
  • Future plans.