Faye Smith is a single parent and the founder of Keep your Fork Marketing and PR. Faye was recently named one of the country’s top ten trainers at UK trainers’ professional body APCTC and Student Employer of the Year three years running at Sheffield Hallam University. In December 2014 Faye won both the Yorkshire Women in Business best home-based business award and was a finalist in the Guardian Small Business Innovation Award, bringing Keep Your Fork a total of fifteen national and regional awards.

Her work in schools and workshops has helped young people gain confidence and skills, providing a true legacy for the individual student, the region’s future. Her natural energy and vibrancy is an attractive role model to young people, and her ability to make learning and work exciting discoveries give them a sense of purpose and direction to also motivate themselves. 

“Learn how to blow your own trumpet marketing and selling without which you have no business.” – Faye Smith

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Ideas and innovation are another two remarkable skills Faye has. She developed the concept of Netwalking. Every month in a local park, she encourages business men and women to spend some healthy time getting fresh air and exercise as they network walking together. Giving free PR & marketing advice as they walk this has helped many business people to feel less isolated and also to share ideas while creating a better work/life balance.

Faye never dreamed her life would turn out as it did. Self-employed, divorced and “widowed” by 44 with two children to bring up and few resources in what has been called the worst recession for 100 years. Not only has she had to deal with the death of her husband but also the death of her daughter on 16th March 2013 came the devastating tragedy of the accidental death of her beautiful daughter Gabi who was just 12 years old.

In this interview you’ll hear:

  • Details about her family and her business.
  • The challenges she faced when her husband died.
  • The challenges she faced when her daughter died.
  • She discusses her children’s mental health.
  • The value of her business support network.
  • 8 weeks solo travelling around Australia which transformed my business by transforming my outlook and health.
  • Finding love and relationships.
  • Her faith and future plans.

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