Share your journey: Dr. Pragya Agarwal

Dr. Pragya Agarwal is a designer, social entrepreneur, writer, TEDx speaker, mum of three and a creative coach (not necessarily in that order!), crafting words and things to inspire, empower, dream and think. She is the creative director at Hedge & Hog Prints, a design studio making original and thoughtful art and illustrations. She is also the founder of a social enterprise, The Art Tiffin, campaigning for creativity and cruelty-free art materials, and Editor of the newly launched magazine 'CreŌ. She was born in India and now lives in the North-west of England, near the sea, with her family.

“Don’t compare yourself to others, it’s so easy with social media to compare yourself to others and that can cause anxiety and overwhelm. You can’t compare your start to someone else’s middle.” – Dr Pragya Agarwal

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Share your journey: Dr. Pragya Agarwal

“Knowing your customer, knowing your niche and knowing your why is really important before starting a business.” – Dr Pragya Agarwal

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In this interview you’ll hear:

  • Details about Pragya businesses and family.
  • Pragya shares details about her educational background.
  • How she got started with Hedge Hog Prints and The Art Tiffin.
  • Fears she has had along the way and how she overcame them and the advice she passes on to others.
  • The challenges she has faced and the challenges she is currently facing.
  • How she creates harmony between business and family.
  • Pragya gives insight into her work and home routine.
  • Advice for parents who are looking to start a business.
  • The work she is doing with parents who want to start a creative business.
  • Tips and advice on things she has learned on her journey
  • Future plans such as a magazine and another Ted X talk.