Charlotte Wise Owner of Bip Bop Shop

Charlotte Wise always wanted to start her own business but it took for her to become a parent to make her dream a reality. After surviving a traumatic birth and ending up in intensive care, she realised life was too short to wait any longer. When her son was 7 months old, she launched BipBopShop, an online and pop up children’s shop selling children’s gifts and traditional wooden toys. Now an award winning entrepreneur and Huffington Post blogger, Charlotte tells us her story of juggling her business with parenthood.

“If you’re a mum wanting to start a business start small but still keep that big dream alive.” – Charlotte Wise

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Charlotte Wise Owner of Bip Bop Shop

“Don’t be afraid of change.” – Charlotte Wise

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In this interview you’ll hear:

  • Details about Charlotte’s family and business.
  • How Charlotte got started on her entrepreneurial journey with £50.
  • Charlotte talks about starting a business while on maternity leave.
  • Charlotte talks about her traumatic birth and ending up in intensive care.
  • Her number one fear was failure and she talks about overcoming that fear.
  • Her two biggest challenges one of them being mum guilt and how she is overcoming them.
  • How she manages running a business and family life.
  • The things she enjoys doing for herself.
  • Charlotte talks about who inspires her.
  • Details about what she has outsourced for her business.
  • Advice for parents who want to start a business.
  • What success looks like for her?

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