Arianna Steigman. A single parent who lives in London where she moved to 8 years ago. She’s originally from Jerusalem. Arianna is a mum of 2, a 6-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy. Separated after 10 years of marriage, Arianna and her ex-partner now share the care of the children.

“When experiencing difficult times do one thing a day to promote your business, send an email, post on Facebook but one little thing to keep it alive” - Arianna Steigman

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She started her business, Clutterbag, a decluttering and home organizing business, less than a year ago after being fed up with an office job within the food industry. It was uninteresting to her and didn’t pay well. With all that frustration, she yearned to be self-employed she has a passion for nesting and setting up homes and making them feel comfortable, beautiful, and most importantly, functional. After some deliberation, she figured she could do this for a living, and that’s how Clutterbag was born. In this episode, she’ll share with us her business story, how she manages her family, and her plans for the future.

In this interview you’ll hear:

  • About Arianna’s business and family.
  • How she got started on her entrepreneurial journey.
  • How the business is going on for her so far.
  • Ways she managed starting up a business while going through a break up.
  • Her most significant challenge being a single parent.
  • Ways she overcame challenges.
  • Simple ways to manage and prioritize family and business.
  • How she handles both children during the holiday times.
  • How she prepared her immediate family for the help that she was going to need as a single parent.
  • Future plans for her and the business.