Share your journey single parent series W/Ali Golds

Ali Golds, a single mum of 3 wonderful children named as one of The Independent’s 20 Extraordinary Women of 2017, Ali Golds is a growth coach, speaker, and author who helps women to achieve their best - both personally and through their business. She has worked with start-ups through to multi-million-pound companies, as well as advised awarding bodies and other leading education based organisations on enterprise and entrepreneurship; culminating in being appointed lead adviser on a UK government review of entrepreneurship education, 'Enterprise For All', in 2014.

“Just do it believe that you can do it.” – Ali Golds

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Ali specialises in coaching female founders, particularly single mums and women who’ve experienced domestic abuse and is passionate about empowering them to achieve economic independence.

She is also Founder/CEO of The Juno Project, a charity that supports vulnerable girls aged 14-16 to achieve their career and personal goals, in spite of their challenges. In addition, Ali is the author of the best-selling book 'How To Be Your Own Boss As A Single Mum' in 2014, and recently published her e-book '88 Ways To Make More Money In Your Business Starting Today' on Amazon.
She is currently writing her next book, Today I Stopped Running, which is due out next year.

“Find a mentor.” – Ali Golds

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In this interview you’ll hear:

  • Details about Ali’s business and family.
  • How she got started in business.
  • The hard journey of starting a business as a single mum of a 7 year-old.
  • Fears she had along the way.
  • The challenges she faced when starting the business working from home.
  • Managing to prioritize family and business.
  • Details about the Juno project.
  • Her current dating life and her thoughts on relationships.
  • How she got into the dating scene after her first marriage.
  • Tons of advice for parents willing to start a business.
  • How to outsource for your business.
  • Her future personal and business plans.
  • Details on her new book, Today, Stopped Running.