Share your journey: Alec Grant

Alec Grant is a father of 2 young boys, who keep him on his toes every day and he loves it. Being an only parent means that he is very passionate about fatherhood and being a good role model to his boys. Alec has a couple of side projects the first is about being a widower & fatherhood the second is about shining a positive light on all the good things being done in the UK by people who are Black & British.

Having spent many years in the corporate world as a software developer and then owning various global tech platforms, Alec now runs his own software consultancy business in addition to being a partner in a tech startup.

He loves playing/watching sport and only stopped playing rugby a few years ago. Alec states that “nowadays a kick about with some school dads once a week is as competitive as it gets.” He exercises most days, enjoys mountain biking and get outdoors for walks and running as much as he can. Music is his world too and he’s rarely seen without his headphones in nodding away to various genres of music.

“Just go for it don’t listen to the naysayers.” – Alec Grant

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“Surround yourself with people that are doing what you are doing” – Alec Grant

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In this interview you’ll hear:

  • Details about Alec’s business a software consultancy business and co-working space.
  • Details about Alec’s family.
  • How and why he left corporate work.
  • Alec speaks about the loss of his wife.
  • Fears he had of being a single dad how he overcame them.
  • The challenges he has faced.
  • How he supports his older son after the loss of his mum.
  • How he creates harmony between business and family.
  • Alec gives insight into his work and home routine and apps he uses to manage.
  • Advice for parents who are looking to start a business.
  • Tips and information on things he has learned on his journey.