The importance of insurance for parentpreneurs

The importance of insurance for parentpreneurs

Being a parentpreneur means that you have plenty to think about. How to run your business, how to increase sales and of course, how to balance all of that with spending time with your family.

With so much going on, some things that don’t seem too important to the everyday running of your business can be put on the back burner. One of these could include the insurance cover that you have.

This is a real mistake. It is important that every parentpreneur organises insurance. Otherwise, they could find themselves in a little bit (or perhaps even a lot) of trouble.

Not sure where to start when it comes to insurance policies? Let’s take a look at some of the insurance that you should be organising as a parentpreneur.


Liability cover is important for your business. This type of policy will cover any legal fees should anyone decide to sue you. It will also cover damage that occurs to someone while on your property or whilst using your products. You may think that the chances of you ever being sued is pretty minimal, but the reality is that it can and does happen to businesses, and whilst larger companies may be able to swallow up those costs, some of the smaller ones can really feel the burn if it happened to them and they were not covered.


It isn’t just your business that you need to protect. You really need to think about protecting yourself too. Whilst the NHS offers fantastic treatment when you need it, if you find yourself needing treatment or an operation, then private health cover really comes into its own. If you can afford the monthly premiums, health insurance can be a lifesaver, quite literally. It can make sure that you are seen, diagnosed and treated very quickly, and give you the opportunity to take minimal time out from running your business.


This is one of those insurance policies that so often gets pushed down on the list of things to organise. Chances are, if you run your own business, that your family will rely in some way on the money that you bring in. If something happened to you, would they be able to carry on living to the same level? If the answer is no, then you need to look at organising life cover for yourself. Remember, the younger you are when you arrange this type of cover, the cheaper the premiums are. Saving you money.

Insurance can sometimes seem like an unnecessary cost each and every month, but the truth of the matter is that it actually has a huge benefit for you, and it will be there just when you need it. You will really value it when the time comes, and be thankful that you took the time out of your busy schedule to organise cover.

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