How to Increase Sales Using Pinterest

If you are running a business, you will know the importance of social media marketing, and Pinterest is one of the platforms you may want to consider using to increase the sales of your products or services.  Successful social media marketing relies on finding the key channels, that is the places where your target audience hang out naturally, as this is the best way to reach them and get them actively working for you just by doing what they do socially.

Pinterest Users

The first thing to do is establish whether this is a platform for your line of business. Statistically, it is worth knowing that approximately 69% of the people using Pinterest are female, and of that group, over half are parents. The brand engagement on the website comes from these users rather than the brands themselves, so you are looking to appeal to their interest, giving them a reason to want to share and pin your stuff. The most popular categories of pin on Pinterest are those that feature food, fashion, arts and crafts and home. So, these demographics should give you a good idea as to whether this might be a viable platform to invest time and effort in and whether you will be able to find prospects.

How to Get the Most Benefit

Assuming you have decided to use Pinterest, there are a few things you need to be doing, and some of these start on your website rather than the Pinterest site. Firstly, you need to ensure that you use the ‘Pin it’ button on your website. By doing this, you are increasing your chances that Pinterest users will come to your site through referral traffic. By using the button, you are also able to access statistics so you can see the pages on your site that performed the best.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, so assuming you already have a presence on there you should look to add a Pinterest tab to your Facebook which will show your boards as you add to them. Cross promoting on social media is a good tactic as it not only helps raise awareness of your brand but opens up to new audiences depending on their preferred platform.

When you are creating a pin, it is essential to use the rich pins feature, and this includes the product pin which gives you the ability to add the pricing information, and availability in real-time and points users in the correct direction to purchase. If you change the price, the pin will automatically update.

Finally, you need to incorporate your pins on the website. This is perfect for making an impact at specific times of the year when your products are likely to be in demand, so for Christmas or Mother’s Day. You can create a board for your website that adds pins and enables you to again cross-promote between your website and Pinterest.  You can also add specific Pinterest promotions such as a free shipping code specifically for Pinterest users, and again this will also give you some valuable analytic information about how your site and pins are being used.

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