How to Create a Strong Brand Identity

How to Create a Strong Brand Identity

Creating a brand identity is a vital part of developing any business. Your brand identity tells the world who you are and what you stand for and must be consistently upheld in every aspect of your work. It is how you build trust and reputation; it determines how your customers see you and therefore choose you over any competition and, in turn, fosters a sense of customer loyalty. It is not just about the logo and colours you choose for marketing purposes; this is part of it, but it is much more, as we will explain.

Define Yourself

This includes traditional elements like your mission and values and your brand personality, including the voice and how you can offer a unique edge to create that all-important difference between you and the competition. You may never have thought about this before, but why did you start your business in the first place? What are your core beliefs, those strong values that you hold fast? Once you have got that down on paper, look at what you do well, your unique selling points, and how you can get these across to people in as few words as possible. It is this definition that will help you create your identity as a brand.

Take Inspiration

It is OK to look around and garner some inspiration from other successful companies but remember; you cannot directly copy what they are doing. However, it will give you an idea of the overall look and feel of how they present themselves. This does include things like the logo and font that you use but don’t spend too much time getting hung up on this as brand identity is also about how you communicate and present yourself to the public. You will need to choose a brand colour, and there is some psychology behind colour, so picking well can enhance your marketing efforts. Think about Facebook, the most popular social media platform on the market; they have chosen to use white and blue, blue is the most appealing colour universally. Your brand may call for something more gregarious and outgoing, like pink or yellow, but whatever you think you might choose, have a look at the psychology behind that colour and see if it fits your brand identity before settling.

Does it Translate?

You are also looking for a brand identity that translates across every medium in which you communicate. Will your logo fit well within the confines offered on each social media platform, for example, and will it look as good when you print it? Every piece of information you put out into the public domain, whether written or spoken, printed or Internet-based, should follow the same brand identity and carry the same messages, so it has to work everywhere. Finally, check out your closest competition as the last thing you want to do is end up creating something similar to them and look like you are a copycat as a game. This isn’t going to go well for either of you when it comes to building a solid brand identity.

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