How to handle being judged in how you run your business

How to handle being judged in how you run your business

We are judged all the time no matter what. Those judgments could come from our partners, our customers, our staffs…Frankly, everyone on Earth makes judgements, even you. Who you are, what you stand for, what you did, what’s your history…everything related to you is on the radar of judgment. Somehow, judging other people make us feel better but we don’t always understand that it can have negative consequences. If you think about it, you will realise that you judge people as much as you get judged by them.

But being judged by other people is never a good feeling. It makes us angry, stress, and compromises confidence. Worst case, it can damage your mental health and destroy your career. So how could we get rid of that? Will you try to make everybody love you? Or try to overcome that judgement and live a happy life. An easy choice for some but difficult for others as it all comes down to a personal approach.

You cannot make everyone happy, that much is true. And the quantity of judgement you get will only increase exponentially as your business grow. Instead of that, make yourself happy. Live your life as it should be. Be a generous leader and set a good example for your staff. Let people understand your true personality and the jealousy and the fear of judgments will disappear in no time. People will never stop to gossip, so why should you try to swim against the current?

What is the secret to coping with it then? If you genuinely think it is unfair and it is doing damage to your business then you can talk to them. But before the talk, make it clear that your intentions are to learn and to understand not to blame someone. You have to be genuine and express that you are willing to listen. No doubt the final decision is always yours, you decide if what they think about you is worth your time or not. But make up your mind only after listening to their reasons not coming to conclusions immediately.

The best option though is to take it as a lesson and improve from what you can gather as constructive feedback. There are 2 types of judgements, malicious and constructive, the latter is actually very useful for the development of your business. Malicious feedbacks is completely unavoidable especially if you run your business through the internet, you will quickly learn that people can be nasty for absolutely no reason. Your best choice here is to ignore. However, if you feel that the judgement is actually constructive, you can take it to heart and listen to their concerns. This way, you can transform the negative energy that judgement creates into something positive fueling the growth of your business.

Another thing you should observe is that judgements always have a purpose and are always rooted in some form of negative experience the individual has towards you. This doesn’t always have to be related to the subject of judgement and could have been built up from a collection of negative experiences in the past. There are many psychological and sociological studies by universities aimed at understanding the root of our judgements, usually, it has to come down to jealousy or personal insecurity which can even be completely unrelated to your business at all!

To conclude, judgements are unavoidable, and as your business grows you will have to deal with it more and more. Do not swim against the river, but rather swim towards the current. Confronting the source of judgement may risk worsening the issue so it is always better to be the bigger person and take it constructively (or ignore if it’s malicious). You should also remember that sometimes you feel that someone is judging you but it may actually not be the case! Some people just talk like that and they may actually mean well!

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