Habits to Improve Productivity

Habits to Improve Productivity

While running a business and perhaps working from home are goals many of us aspire to, it also means that there is a much bigger pressure to motivate, time manage, and keep our productivity going. If you do have a home office, there are many distractions which can easily take your attention, and even if you go to work in a different location being the boss means it is easy to make excuses and perhaps not be as productive as we should be. Don’t worry, you’re not alone it happens to most people at some time, but we can develop some new habits that will help to improve productivity so read on.

Remove Temptation

Let’s start with the obvious one, most of us have our social media accounts signed into our phone, our computers, and this can be a serious distraction. It is important that we are disciplined enough to put away our personal communication tools and focus on our business instead. By all means, check your social media and catch up at coffee time or lunchtime, but otherwise, you need to be strict and leave them alone. There are apps available, for example, self-control which can block various programmes like Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube that may be proving distracting during office hours.

Move Your Day Earlier, or Later

Most people are either early birds or night owls, musically and learning which one you are can help you add hours of productivity to your day in just a few minutes. Functioning in the morning is not my favourite task, so I reserved this time for exercise and meditation. The payoff for that is working into the evening but psychologically rather than seeing this as a chore I have just restructured my day to better suit my own working style. If you are an early bird, see if you can get up a bit earlier and get your chores and other bits done, so you’re at your desk ready to go.

Plan Your Day

Rather than seeing what happens, it makes more sense to try and plan your day, or even your week. Again, there is plenty of software available from full-blown project management like Trello to something simpler like Todoist, which enable you to track your tasks and prioritise them. Being organised apps with productivity and also offers you a sense of satisfaction as you take items off the list when they are complete.

Don’t Skip Breaks

This can be really tempting when you are mega busy, but it’s also a really bad idea. In order for the brain to work well, it needs fuel, and this means you have to eat throughout the day. It is also better if these can be healthy meals with fruit and vegetables rather than something pre-prepared, commercially produced and grabbed on the go as you race down the High Street to catch the post office. High carb lunches can also create a slump a couple of hours later where you really feel like you just want to go to sleep. So, have a lighter, more protein-based lunch, and you should find yourself more awake. Remember to drink plenty of water, as although caffeine may offer a short term boost it is actually dehydrating, which is not good for the brain.

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